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What is Telescope-Me?

"Imagine a Social Network where Creativity is Everything"

Telescope-Me is a social network for creative individuals to showcase & discover creative work. It is a platform to connect with like-minded people sharing similar interests and get recognized, appreciated and encouraged.

"The All-New Creative Community to Help You Succeed as an Artist."

Telescope-Me opens minds, hearts, eyes to new ideas, new decisions, new actions to help you discover the creative world where sky is not the limit.

We provide the platform to help fulfil your dreams, succeed as an artist and make your mark in an ever-crowded world.

"We believe that artists are worth more"

We want to help talented creative people to find success and get sponsored for the creative work they do. To accomplish this, we offer them a chance to stand out and get the right exposure by working with amazing companies and artists on creative projects. We also provide artists with an opportunity to connect with other creative professionals from various industries and showcase their creative work to the world. 

"Calling all Support Sponsors!"

It's time to encourage the creative people around you..

By being a support sponsor for the community or independent projects listed on Telescope-Me - you have the incredible opportunity to encourage, support and discover the voice of talents! Give a hand to back artists' projects and help them turn their dreams into a reality.

It just takes a moment to join the artist revolution.

The longest journey, begins with a single step. 

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